Executive Producer by
Gallaudet University Press

Produced by
Rob Hills, Peggy Swartzel Lott, and Daniel W. Renner

Production Services by

Kristoffer Newsom, Rogue Planet Art

Sign Master by
Jean Gordon

Sign Illustrations by

Peggy Swartzel Lott, Rob Hills, and Daniel W. Renner

Color Illustrations by

Debbie Tilley

Art Direction by

Joy Chu

Video Sign Models – Children:
Julia Burge
Cameron Cruz
Dylan Ginther
Roxy Ginther
Tayler Hamrick
Reno Sophia Lott
Donavan Miller
Winnie Miller
Lily Coral Molina
Dakota Ronco
Lenny Savage
Renny Savage

Video Sign Models – Adults:
Erin Oleson Dickson
Rudy Galicia
Blake Herbold
Pauline T. Saunders